We are doing what we can to try to help people and felt that giving some help with regards to finances could be really welcome. We know that this is a hard time for everyone and for many people finance is a big concern. This is why we thought that it would be useful to put together some information about finance that we thought would help people. We know that lots of people find it quite complex to understand financial articles and so we have kept ours short and simple We have tried to put together information that we think will be useful for lots of people, that people can relate to and that has hints and tips that everyone will be able to use. We do not go into lots of detail but just provide some simple methods which we know will work. We know that it is not always easy to make changes but we hope that our methodical outlook will help people to see that by making just a small change, it could have a really big impact on their future. So, we hope that people will take a look and follow some of the tips so that they can work towards improving the control that they have over their money and will start to feel a lot happier about their financial situation.